Dentures in Olathe KS

Dentures are an adaptable tooth replacement that you may take out and put back in your mouth whenever you like. Dentures may be partial or full, depending on the circumstances of each patient. When all of the natural teeth are extracted from the mouth and a full set of dentures is used in their stead, this is known as using full dentures. Full dentures come in two varieties: traditional full dentures and immediate full dentures. If you don't need to remove all of your teeth, partial dentures are another alternative. Although it is temporary, this is comparable to a bridge in your mouth.

It could take some time to become adjusted to your dentures. Your gums are covered by the base of the dentures, which is flesh-colored. Some claim that it feels heavy or that their tongue doesn't have enough room. The dentures may also occasionally feel flimsy. Your eating and speaking habits will temporarily change as a result of these emotions. Your mouth develops accustomed to using your dentures for eating and speaking over time, and they start to feel more and more like your real teeth. Even if they may never feel completely at ease, having teeth is still far preferable to not having any.

Partial Dentures

When one or more teeth are lost or when the neighboring natural teeth are too weak to support dental bridges, partial dentures are frequently utilized in place of other tooth replacement options. The partial dentures are adapted to the portion of the gum line they will rest on and secured to neighboring healthy teeth to prevent dislocation. However, they are not firmly secured and can be removed as necessary for cleaning or sleeping.

Immediate Dentures

Some full and partial dentures exist that are distinct from conventional permanent dentures, such as instant dentures. These dentures are worn immediately following tooth extraction and during the healing phase, which can last up to six months. They are made before the teeth that are being replaced with dentures are removed. Compared to permanent dentures, these dentures can be adjusted more quickly to account for changes in the mouth as the swelling in the gums and jaw heals. When your mouth is healed and prepared for permanent dentures, the temporary dentures will be discarded.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are typically a component of a treatment strategy that begins with the extraction of any remaining teeth, followed by a brief toothless period as the gums heal, and finally the development of a personalized denture. A traditional denture can be created using either the upper or lower arches, or with a combination of both. They offer a variety of options for daily use and are frequently a more comfortable fit.

Full Dentures

Full dentures, often called complete dentures, are prosthetics that completely replace your natural teeth. They are held in place by suction and/or an oral glue and can be customized to fit your top or bottom gum line. They can be removed with ease, just like partial dentures.

Maintaining Your Dentures in Olathe, KS

Dentures should be treated just like natural teeth, despite the fact that they are not. Before taking off your dentures, brush them to remove plaque and food residue. You should immediately submerge them in room temperature water or a denture cleaning solution after removing them. Never put hot water on dentures since it could cause warping. You should be careful handling your dentures to avoid dropping them because they are sensitive. Don't ever attempt to make your own denture adjustments. If they seem loose or uncomfortable, you should always ask your dentist for advice before doing anything that could damage them.

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